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All About Tennis

This site is intended to be fun and informative, covering many aspects of the game of tennis. All About Tennis will discuss the official tennis court, tennis attire, accessories needed to play the game, official tennis rules and various tennis events that are held on an annual basis. We will also address the similarities and differences in tennis and table tennis, otherwise known as ping pong.

Dimensions Of A Tennis Court

The overall outside dimensions of a tennis court are 78 feet long by 36 feet wide. For a tennis court to be fully functional, a total area of 120 feet by 60 feet is necessary. For more details, go to tennis court dimensions. 

Surfaces For A Tennis Court

When considering a tennis court surface, there are a several different kinds of surfaces that can be utilized. There are clay tennis courts, like those used at Wimbledon. Those courts are red clay. The red clay is used extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. In the United States, Rubico, or green clay courts are quite popular.

The most popular kind of court in the US is the hard court. These courts can be constructed of asphalt, cement, acrylic or synthetic materials. These courts are faster than clay, but slower than grass courts. The amount and the size of the sand put in the paint determine how much grip these courts have. This also determines how much spin the ball maintains.

Grass courts are more popular in European countries. Wimbledon, which is the 2nd oldest tennis tournament in the world, uses grass courts. This tennis tournament is considered to be the biggest and the most prestigious tournament of all.

These grass courts are cut to an optimum height of 8mm which is best for modern day play and for its survival. Since 2001, courts have been sown with 100% Perennial Ryegrass, which helps them to withstand the wear of the modern game.

The ball seems to slow during cold damp days and travels faster during warm and dry days. Interestingly enough, the ball bounce has more to do with the soil than it does the grass. If the soil is hard and dry, it will allow for 13 days of play without damaging the sub surface of the court. The grass courts are rolled and kept covered to maintain the even consistency and hardness that is needed.

Carpet courts are used more commonly in Asia. The term signifies any removable type of court covering. This kind of surface is generally somewhat faster and creates a lower bounce of the ball. Professional tournaments have moved away from this kind of surfacing.

How To Build A Tennis Court

Since you know how much room is needed, you need to first choose an area that will best suit tennis play. If you have a choice of locations, you may want to place the court where there is afternoon shade from taller trees. It is also wise to build the length of the court North and South in direction. This will help facilitate keeping more of the sun out of your eyes while playing.

Before laying the foundation, you need to choose which style of surface you will be using. This can affect what all needs to be done in preparation to building. You will want to make sure the area of the tennis court is generally level. It should also be free of large rocks or tree roots. It is also best if your court isn’t in a low lying area, where water may stand.

You can build an official tennis court for as little as $20,000 and can spend over $80,000 if you include all the bells and whistles.

If you choose to build a softer court, some of the choices would include HAR-TRU, HydroCourt and ClayTech. Check out building a tennis court for more detailed information.

Learning How To Play Tennis

If you haven't ever played before, you will want to learn how to play tennis. There are a few aspects that are important to keep in mind when learning the game. The first involves the physical aspects of the game. Eye-hand coordination will be important to be a successful tennis player. There are a number of mechanical techniques that will also assist you in picking up the game. Once these become second nature, the mental aspect of the game must kick in. Once you have mastered all of these areas, you will be a good tennis player. It is advised to take lessons from a tennis professional in the early stages. It is much easier to learn your techniques early on rather than trying to re-learn it the right way later. Check out some of the other aspects of tennis as you try to learn all about tennis. We hope your involvement in the game of tennis is pleasurable and rewarding.

Tennis Equipment List

As with any sport, serious tennis players will want to have the best equipment to help them become a better player make their game more enjoyable. If you are just beginning, you may want to invest in a good used tennis racquet. Here is some practical advice on choosing the best tennis racquets, strings, tennis balls, shoes, clothing and more.

It is a good idea to research the best racquets and strings that fit your game, athletic ability, and age. Talk to your tennis professional to see what the ideal string tension is for you at this point in your game. If you or your child is a junior player, it is smart to purchase a good junior tennis racquet. These racquets are generally shorter and have a smaller hand grip. These racquets are specifically made for junior playsers. It's much easier learning the game if your racquet fits your hand and the length isn't too long.

Find good durable balls and decide the right grip size for your racquet. Having the right tennis shoes can also make a big difference in your game. Remember, tennis is a sport that is rough on shoes, particularly the sole and toe area. Therefore, finding a shoe with a sole that is durable enough to meet your particular needs is important. Keep in mind that increased durability often means increased shoe weight, so evaluate your requirements carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tennis Racquets

What material is best when it comes to a tennis racquet? Graphite is the preferred frame material if you are looking for the best racquet. The graphite adds stiffness and strength to the racquet. There isn’t such a thing as a racquet that is made up solely of graphite. A racquet that is considered to be 100% graphite still has a mixture of 40% resin. When it contains other materials, the racquet is called a composite. Advanced players may find that some composites are too flexible for their game.

What is the sweet spot on a racquet? In general, the sweet spot is the area of the string bed that provides the best overall combination of feel and power.

What part of the tennis racquet offers the most control? Three things lend to control. The tighter the strings are, the stiffer the frame, and the smaller the head.

What weight is ideal in a tennis racquet? As long as it doesn’t hinder your play, the more weight you have, the more advantageous it is. For most adults, anything over 12 ounces is too bulky.

How much should I expect to pay for a descent tennis racquet? You can purchase an adequate racquet for a beginner for as little as $15 when shopping at discount stores. For an intermediate player or better, who needs the stiffness of a graphite, or a composite racquet, you may be able to pick up a discontinued racquet for as little as $70 to $75.

Finding The Best Tennis Racquet

Whether you are looking for a good junior tennis racquet for your child or an adult racquet for yourself, it is best to go with a proven product. Babolat is a top name in the tennis racquet industry. Why not start your junior with the best in equipment. Babolat has been used by some of the biggest names in the game. There is a wide selection of Babolat tennis racquets available. Various racquets are designed for the different player styles.

Other great manufacturers of tennis racquets are Head, Wilson, and Prince. These racquets hold up really well. If you or your child is just getting started, you may want to consider purchasing a good used head tennis racquet.

Finding The Correct Tennis Grip Size

A proper grip size is important when buying a racquet. If it is too small, you will need to squeeze it tighter than normal to control the racquet. When the grip is too large, it will affect the spin and pace of your strokes.

To get the right size, you will need some kind of tape measure. To come up with the correct measurement, hold any racquet in your playing hand. Now, try to fit your other index finger between the palm and fingertips of your playing hand as it holds the racquet. If you have an ideal grip size, you will have just enough room for that finger but no more.

Quality Tennis Bags

For the serious players, having the right tennis equipment is important. When it comes to racquet bags, the Babolat Aero Racquet Holder X6 is that bag. These attractive bags also have plenty of room for racquets, clothes, shoes, and other tennis gear. These 2012 Babolat tennis racquet bags have a large front pocket for keeping the smaller items such as keys, wallets as well as cell phones. They have a L shaped zippered opening, that allows for easy racquet access.

The Head Extreme Supercombi is a high quality bag that offers excellent functional features along with the space that players need. The Climate Control Technology helps protect your tennis equipment. When you invest a lot in your equipment, it is important to take the best of care of it.

The Prince Pro Team 6 Pack racket bag is packed with a large number of performance features. This includes easy access curved openings as well as zippered mesh accessory compartments. These Prince tennis racquet bags are equipped with plush padded shoulder straps. In addition, there is also a waterproof bag for keeping shoes and wet clothes. Thus, these bags ensure total care for your equipment.

Tennis VS Table Tennis

Tennis and table tennis sound quite alike. That is where the similarities quickly diminish. Click here for more detailed comparisons and differences. When it comes to scoring, table tennis, or ping pong, is quite easy. If you don't know the game, tennis can be somewhat confusing.

This site doesn't give an endless supply of information, but it does cover many aspects of tennis. But, hopefully you have picked up on what tennis is all about.